Common Questions

Custom Golf Carts

How fast does a Cary Cart Company street legal golf cart go?

In order to be street legal the cart must go between 20 to 25 miles per hour.


Does the cart come with new batteries?

Yes. All Cary Cart Company Street Legal Carts have new batteries when you buy them.


Can I get a gas-powered street legal golf cart?

No, federal law requires that all Low Speed Vechicles be electric.


How do I go about getting a license plate for my street legal golf cart?

When you pick up your cart we will give you all the necessary paperwork to get your tags. We are also happy to assist in getting your tags so that your cart is road-ready when you pick it up.


Do you deliver?

Yes, we offer nationwide delivery.


Do I have to have my street legal golf cart inspected?

When you pick up your cart from us, it will come with your first North Carolina safety inspection. After that it's your responsibility to have it inspected yearly, just as you would your car.


Can I have a lifted street legal golf cart?

Yes, you may lift your cart up to 6 inches.


Can I have big tires?

Yes, as long as they are DOT-rated.


Why do I need a street legal golf cart?

More and more municipalities are mandating the use of a low-speed vehicle vs a regular golf cart.


Can you convert my standard golf cart to a street legal cart?

More than likely. We will assess your current cart and determine what is needed to make it street legal. After we assess it, we will give you a quote. If you accept it, we will bring your cart in and start transforming it to a street legal vehicle.


Where can you drive a street legal cart?

You may drive it on any road that is has a speed limit of 35 mph or less.


Do I need insurance for my street legal golf cart?

Yes, it is mandated by the state of North Carolina. Call your insurance agent with your cart's VIN number and they will help you from there.


Golf Cart Rentals


Do I need to reserve my golf cart in advance?

Yes, to ensure you've got a cart when you arrive at the beach, it's highly advised that you rent months in advance. We sell out fast during the summer, and our wait lists start early!


When and where do I pick up my cart?
On Bald Head Island you can pick up your cart at our rental hut right behind the dock master building.
On Ocean Isle Your cart will be waiting for you at your rental home by 4pm on day your rental begins.


Do you only rent weekly?

Bald Head Island you can rent hourly, daily or weekly.

Ocean Isle our cars are rented weekly, starting Saturday.


How often should I charge my cart?

As long as you plug your cart in at night when your in for the night you should be good to go
the following day. However it won't hurt to plug it in each time your back at the house for Any
amount of time.


What if I have cart trouble ?

In the unforeseen event that you have cart trouble and need assistance please call us and we will get it taken care of as soon as possible.


How old do you have to be to rent/drive a Cart?

You must be 21 to rent a Cary Cart Company cart and  be  a licensed driver to operate the cart.